5 Fresh Lock Screen Designs for 2023

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which Godprepared in advance for us to do.”– Ephesians 2:10 We should all remember that all wonders of earth were created by our one and only God. Jesus Christ gave us the talent to develop our ScreenKit app. All praise to our […]

Widget Ideas for a More Aesthetic Home Screen

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”– James 1:17 It’s Him, our Heavenly Father who blessed us with the skills and knowledge to develop the ScreenKit app. All wisdom came from Him and He will be glorified forever! […]

Aesthetic Lock Screen Ideas for iOS 16 Customization

iOS 16 Lock Screen Insipration The iOS 16 update will be arriving soon, and with it comes a bevy of new customization options, including the ability to customize your lock screen.  If you’re looking for ideas on how to make your lock screen look its best, check out some of these great aesthetic options! 😍😍😍 […]

iOS 16 Custom LockScreen Widgets YOU MUST TRY!

With the tagline, “Personal is Powerful,” you can do more customizations with Apple’s newest operating system, the iOS 16. Among its latest updates include lockscreen gallery widgets, stylized date and time, and WidgetKit API. There is also an update on the weather, emojis, colors, notification designs, and even astronomy! ✨✨✨   Lockscreen Gallery Widgets: You […]

Lockscreen Widget Themes: You definitely should try these!

Lock screen themes can easily make any iOS device come alive. While they function as standalone applications, you can easily incorporate them into your screen and turn them into all sorts of visual ornamentation. Some of the most common widgets are clocks and daily weather reports.    With iOS16 right around the corner, Apple users […]

iPhone Lockscreen Widget Ideas

iOS 16 is here! Take advantage by customizing your lock screen widgets. The latest Apple update, iOS 16, gives more exciting features that surely IOS 16 users will look forward to.  One of the most notable new additions is the ability to create customized widgets for the lock screen. With iOS 16, users can now […]

iOS 16 Lock Screen Guide: Widgets, Customization Options

The most recent version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 16, adds a number of new features and enhances existing ones. One of the most notable new additions is the ability to create customized widgets for the lock screen. With iOS 16, users can now choose from a variety of different widget types, including weather, […]

How to add widgets to your Lock Screen in iOS 16?

iOS users are in for a treat as Apple launches iOS 16 this September. And boy oh boy it will include a number of new iOS features and exciting improvements. One of the notable changes is the addition of personalized widgets to the lock screen feature. iOS16 allows users to add widgets to their lock […]

iOS16 Lockscreen Widget – What makes it special?

Updates to iOS 16 Lock Screen Customization iOS 16 is here, and with it comes a whole host of new widgets to help you stay organized and informed.  The new iOS 16 lock screen widgets include a variety of categories, such as live activities, weather, stocks, calendar, and more! Here are some iOS 16 lock […]

6 Fall 2022 Aesthetics + Trends with iOS Themes to Match from ScreenKit App

Fall is basically here even though the seasons haven’t officially changed yet! With the fall spirit setting in, we wanted to share some aesthetics and trends that we noticed popping up a lot this season.  Check out these 6 fall aesthetics + trends and iOS themes from us, the ScreenKit app, to match! Customize your […]

8 Different Trends for Summer 2022 + iOS Themes to Match

Earlier this year we shared a blog about 2022 aesthetic trends and we are here with an updated summer trends version for 2022.  Check out these 8 summer trends and iOS themes from us, the ScreenKit app, to match! Customize your iOS device to your aesthetic now by downloading the app.  We have just shared […]

iOS 16 NEW Lock screen & Widget Customization Features!

iOS16 is out and one of the first things you’ll notice is the new lock screen. The iOS lock screen has undergone a complete redesign and it’s a fresh take on an old classic.  The new lock screen is sleek and modern, and it’s a great way to show off your new iOS device.  There […]

How do I put widgets and customize my iPhone lock screen? Complete Tutorial!

The iPhone is an elegant piece of mobile computing hardware, and its operating system’s visuals do a great job at matching its chic aesthetics. Of course, no one wants to stick with their iPhone’s default appearance. It is almost always more ideal to customize your device’s appearance and make it truly your own. The lock […]

iOS16 Has Arrived: How to Personalize Your iPad’s Wallpaper

It’s finally here! iOS 16, the brand new Apple operating system update that we have been waiting for, has arrived, making digital landfall with a bang. The hype on this update is pretty much focused on the many customization features that it is set to offer, and from what we are seeing so far, the […]

Adding Photo Widgets Using iOS16

iOS 16 is due in a few months, and if all goes well, we are going to see this brand new iteration of our favorite Apple mobile operating system in September of this year. Everyone sure is excited about this forthcoming launch, and there is a lot to look forward to in this release. The […]

Catchy iOS16 Wallpaper Ideas

Customization is central to the hype of iOS 16, and we certainly hope it delivers. It promised a higher degree of personalization, allowing more ways for users to turn their iPhones into a reflection of their brand or personality. The customization features of iOS 16 offer a lot of aesthetic possibilities, and wallpapers are something […]

Aesthetic and Pastel Theme For iOS16

With the latest upgrade in Apple’s operating system, you will enjoy choosing some trendy widgets and wallpapers for iOS16! The new operating system allows users to have a more customizable lock screen by adding multiple widgets simultaneously (a maximum of five).  Pastel colors can give you a mild, soothing, and neutral feeling, making it an […]

Is It Easy to Get iPhoneWidgets for iOS16?

Apple has released press statements regarding their newest operating system, iOS16! You have seen Apple improve its widgets since iOS14, so you can anticipate that iOS16 has better features than its predecessors. Finally, Apple announced that the new operating system’s highlight feature includes customizable lock screen widgets and home automation widgets, one of the most […]

Classy Black Themes For Your iOS16 Lockscreen Wallpaper

iOS16 comes with a whole range of new features, and one of the most talked-about is the new lock screen wallpaper. While the default wallpaper is still a beautiful image of a desert landscape, there are now a number of alternative options to choose from.  If you’re looking for something a little different, why not […]

iOS16 Widgets to Watch Out For

iOS16 is here, and with it comes a whole host of new widgets to help you stay organized and informed. The new widgets include a variety of categories, such as weather, stocks, calendar, and more.  With iOS16, you can now add multiple widgets to your home screen for quick access to information that matters to […]

iOS16 Update: How to Get Aesthetic Wallpapers

iOS16 is here and with it comes a whole new batch of aesthetic wallpapers!  Whether you’re looking for something minimalist or something a little more flashy, there’s bound to be an iOS16 wallpaper that’s perfect for you.  Here’s how to find the best iOS16 wallpapers 👌👌👌 First, take a look at some of the websites […]

Getting Customized Widgets For iOS16

iOS 16 is the latest iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system, and it introduces a number of new features and improvements. One of the most notable new additions is the ability to create customized widgets for the home screen. With iOS 16, users can now choose from a variety of different widget types, including weather, […]

Customizing Lockscreen Wallpapers For iOS16

iOS16 is the latest operating system for iPhone and iPad devices. It was released on September 16, 2020, and includes a number of new features and improvements.  One of the most notable changes is the addition of Lock Screen Wallpapers. iOS16 now allows users to set a different wallpaper for their Lock Screen, making it […]

5 Aesthetic Accounts to Follow + Our ScreenKit Theme Recommendations for Them:

There are so many different aesthetic accounts to follow, admire, and draw inspiration from.  Aesthetics in their most simple form are principles that usually guide and influence art forms. In more recent years, people have been adopting aesthetics and applying them to different aspects of life and style. One of the main underlying principles for […]

April is Stress Awareness Month: Check out some of our favorite quote widgets!

Stress awareness month has been recognized every April since the early 90’s and this year is no exception. Stress is something that does not have a single definition since everyone deals with stress in different ways. Stress is something that we all deal with– it is a part of the human experience– so it is […]

Aesthetic Trend Prediction for 2022

What are the trends going to be in 2022? We asked ourselves this question and when doing this research we looked at beauty + fashion trends, home decor trends, trends according to Pinterest, and more to pull together a list of trends that are predicted to make an appearance this year. Let us know what […]

Customizing your Widgets for the Best Experience

At the end of summer we rolled out a new feature for our members that allows them to customize their widgets! This allows our customers to create widgets of any size while choosing the color, fonts, style, imagery, and more. There are hundreds of options that you could come up with meaning that there are […]

iOS 15 is here!

We are so excited to finally have a little more understanding of how the new iOS 15 update has impacted our use of our devices. iOS 15 came out on September 20th for all users and has a variety of new features to enhance your experience. Paired with ScreenKit, these updates truly allow you to […]

How to get iPad widgets for iOS 15?

So it’s either you’ve already got your hands on Apple’s iOS 15 beta testing system or you’re thrilled and waiting for the official iOS 15 launch. You may have also heard that with the new update comes a total makeover for the iPad homescreen. Are you wondering how to make your wallpaper more aesthetically appealing? […]

How to install iOS 15?

A few weeks back, Apple announced that their fifteenth official software operating system, the iOS 15 will be fully released by the end of this year. However, there are rumors that Apple has also seeded the new iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 updates to the public for testing, giving them the opportunity to check it […]

How to get black iOS 14 icons

What are black iOS 14 icons? ☝️  Are you simple, have a dynamic personality, or merely obsessed with the color black?  If yes, then you will definitely love these new black iOS icon themes that allow you to transform your iOS 14 home screen’s appearance into sleek shades of black and white. In case you’ve […]

How to get free app icons for iOS14 and iOS15?

It is well known that Apple is one of the most trusted electronic brands in today’s generation, but many users are still dissatisfied with the company’s inability to make its products more customizable and personalized in the past few years. While its competitors have worked hard to develop products that allow their users to express […]

How to change iPhone themes using the ScreenKit app?

Although many brands and models now compete in the sprawling mobile device market, the iPhone remains one of the best choices for many smartphone enthusiasts. Everyone seems to line up to the latest version of this device each year, but there is more to the iPhone than just being hip and fashionable. This ever-popular phone […]

Widgets for iOS 15

iOS 15 Lockscreen Widgets

Are you ready for an exciting second half of 2021? You better prepare yourself because the best is yet to come! Check out everything you need to know about the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 21) in this article. Plus, we’ll talk about customizing widgets for iPad and iPhone homescreen and lock screen post iOS […]

What is the ScreenKit app? What does it do?

Are you tired of using the standard app icons and home screen theme on your iPhone? If you are, then it’s time to customize your home screen to bring a new look that totally fits your personality! With the ScreenKit iOS application, you’re able to choose from 100’s of different themes, styles and different icons […]

Valentines iPhone iOS 14 App Icons Red & Pink Themes

The day we all celebrate love is right around the corner, and if you have not yet heard, the best way to be ready for Valentine’s Day is by changing your iPhone home screen apps and widgets. Getting your iPhone apps changed is just part of showing how much LOVE means to you! When we […]

Try Screen Kit™ now!

It’s time to make your home screen aesthetic AF! For too long, we have been stuck with generic icons and could not personalize our home screen. That’s no longer! With ScreenKit, you now have the ability to customize your app icons in 1000’s of different colors, themes, styles and create the perfect home screen aesthetic […]

The Different Types of App Icon Covers

No need to use Shortcuts by Apple, Easily Change App Icons using Easy Installer for Aesthetic and Cute App Icons & Widgets

Scroll, tap, scroll, tap. Sometimes, everything seems boring and repetitive on your iPhone. Why not revamp your homescreen and make it better through the magic of amazing app covers? Curious? Read along to discover awesome ways to make your icons and home screen as hot as they could ever be. First of all, let’s first […]

The Best Icon Changer App

No need to use Shortcuts by Apple, Easily Change App Icons using Easy Installer for Aesthetic and Cute App Icons & Widgets

Hey! How about you create something fresh? Every day is an opportunity to flaunt your style and that is what pushes you to craft your brand of aesthetics. But being different doesn’t mean mediocrity. In fact, you can be out of the box and superb at the same time. In your journey towards individuality, ScreenKit […]

Pink, Blue, Purple & Yellow

The Pink, Blue, Purple & Yellow aesthetic sounds like a pastel explosion of happy and cheerful colours. Yet for some, this aesthetic may seem overused, kitschy and even unimaginative. What’s the big deal about a set of standard, overused colours? Won’t they make your phone look flat and like your little sister dumped a bowl […]

Personalizing Your Home Screen with ScreenKit

Home screen customizations is one exciting new feature that iOS users are embracing with the release of iOS 14. The all-new personalization abilities to add custom widgets and design your app icons is just one of the compelling reasons why users are updating their iPhone to iOS14. With its growing popularly, there has been a […]

Pastel Theme & Aesthetic

“Now, where do I start?” If you’re asking yourself this question after downloading Apple’s latest iOS update, you’re not alone.  We’ve all been given the freedom to customize our home screen for the first time and yes it is awesome, but can be overwhelming! One design direction to consider is the Pastel aesthetic; one of […]

Neutral Aesthetic iPhone Themes & App Icons

Neutral Aesthetic iPhone Themes & App Icons If you’re still struggling to figure out which aesthetic best suits your (and your iPhone’s) personal style while using the latest Apple iOS 14 updates, not to worry! If too many colours or even basic black and white isn’t really your style – you may be interested in […]

Neon Theme & Aesthetic

A cool and trendy aesthetic perfect for your new iOS14 enabled customized home screen is Neon! Yep! That inert gas you find on the table of elements – Neon – is one of the most fun and popular themes available on ScreenKit. Neon colours have been around for a long time, with the gas used […]

iOS15 Home Screen and Lock Screen Ideas

Lockscreen and Homescreen Ideas for iOS 15

Make it unique, make it YOU! Create a new universe with the hottest aesthetic home screen and lock screen ideas for iOS 15. 😍😍😍 The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2021) and the launch of the latest iOS 15 are just around the corner. If you haven’t heard yet, WWDC 2021 is an annual convention facilitated […]

iOS 15 Supported Devices iPhone and iPad

iOS 15 Supported Devices for iPhone and iPad

Throughout the years, we have seen numerous changes and developments from the products of the tech giant Apple. We have seen how the first iPhone and iPad evolve with our own eyes, and change appears constant and consistent in this tech behemoth. Indeed, Apple is yet again launching their newest software update for this year, […]

iOS 15 Release Date and iOS 15 Features

iOS 15 Release Date and iOS 15 Features

How is your experience with iOS 14? Are you able to customize your home screen? Are you having fun with the widgets? Well, if you acquired your iPhone’s recent feature with iOS 14, then we are certain that you know how exciting this year would be. Yup! Apple is on the verge of making a […]

How to make your iPhone App Icons Aesthetic?

No need to use Shortcuts by Apple, Easily Change App Icons using Easy Installer for Aesthetic and Cute App Icons & Widgets

Before, iOS users had limited options to customize their home screen. The game changed when iOS14 was introduced to us. iOS users now have the capability to change app icons based on their preference. 😍😍😍 Have you been wanting to copy those aesthetics you saw from Pinterest on your phone? Or have you been so […]

How to make free logo on iPhone?

No need to use Shortcuts by Apple, Easily Change App Icons using Easy Installer for Aesthetic and Cute App Icons & Widgets

If you find your iPhone homescreen dull, you might as well make it more suited to your style. Does this excite you? Here is a good piece of news for you: in the last quarter of 2020, Apple has released an update for iOS14 and iPad14 which includes a new feature that enables their users […]

How to get cool iPhone Wallpapers?

The home screen is probably one of the most notable elements of your phone, that’s why we always want it to look cool and elegant. Yet, the biggest dilemma is that you just cannot find the “right” wallpaper for it. For you, some of these wallpapers available online are too tacky and others are common. […]

How to Change your iPhone Theme?

No need to use Shortcuts by Apple, Easily Change App Icons using Easy Installer for Aesthetic and Cute App Icons & Widgets

What is your main goal in acquiring your device? A flawless, cool iPad theme to ignite your experience as a hardcore user? Well, Apple does not offer unlimited customization options even with iOS 14. As a user, you will have to ‘gladly’ exhaust yourself to enjoy your preferred iOS styles.  No worries, mate. You can […]

How to Add Custom Widgets to your iPhone Homescreen?

No need to use Shortcuts by Apple, Easily Change App Icons using Easy Installer for Aesthetic and Cute App Icons & Widgets

Customize your home screen with widgets that matter to you most. Convenience or style? Why not both!Are you wondering what these widgets are? Did you know you could add customized apple widgets to your iPhone home screen in a few clicks and taps? Read on to learn how. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YgbpuA1hdk&feature=emb_title&ab_channel=ScreenKitApp To kick-start everything, let’s first talk […]

How to Add and Change Color Widgets?

What are your favorite colors? Why do you like them? Is it because you feel calm whenever you see them? Happy? Productive? Serious? Well, that explains a lot. Our eyes yearn for either warmth or coldness of colors — something that reflects our personality or taste at a given moment of time. Such admiration brings […]

How to Add a Photo Widget?

No need to use Shortcuts by Apple, Easily Change App Icons using Easy Installer for Aesthetic and Cute App Icons & Widgets

What is your vibe based on your zodiac sign? Your favorite color? How about your favorite artist? Are your favorites able to reflect aesthetically on the way you use your phone? Last September 2020, Apple released the new photos widget in iOS 14. Like the former updates, it created hype on the internet which gave […]

Cute and Aesthetic Homescreen Ideas

No need to use Shortcuts by Apple, Easily Change App Icons using Easy Installer for Aesthetic and Cute App Icons & Widgets

Gone are the days when our devices set the decision for us. Old iPhone models and its features do not let us enjoy the beauty of visual designs aside from its mobility. Now, the iPhone remains in the first spot with new iOS 14. In the recent articles, we have shown you how to engage […]

Cottagecore & Fall

Notice the influx of girls wearing floaty floral dresses, flower crowns, making tea, and walking about the countryside all over social media? If the answer is yes, then you’ve stumbled upon the Cottagecore craze. Cottage what? If you don’t know what it is, no worries! Here’s a quick rundown on why the internet has embraced […]

Black & White Aesthetic iPhone Themes & App Icons

No need to use Shortcuts by Apple, Easily Change App Icons using Easy Installer for Aesthetic and Cute App Icons & Widgets

If your iPhone or iPad is currently running on Apple’s latest iOS 14, you will probably be aware of the new widget and app icon update. For the first time in smartphone (and tablet) history, you can now customize your home screen and get excited as you use your gadget daily.  However, with so many […]

Beige & Organic Green Aesthetic

Beige and Organic Green’s combination gained popularity over the past year on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.  Including these colours in your home screen palette will elevate your iPhone. It might not be as stark or “in your face” vs black/white or neon colours, for example, but this simple yet sophisticated combination will […]