Why Screen Kit

Discover why ScreenKit is the ultimate choice for transforming your device’s interface. With an expansive library of customizable themes, widgets, and wallpapers, we empower you to make your device truly yours. From stunning visuals to personalized experiences, ScreenKit offers it all. Don’t settle for ordinary – choose ScreenKit and elevate your device to extraordinary!


Explore a diverse selection of over 100 themes, thoughtfully categorized by style and color, catering to every mood and preference. Each theme comes complete with unique widgets and matching wallpapers, creating a cohesive and stunning visual experience. Stay up-to-date with the latest styles and updates included in our ever-expanding collection.

App Icons

Elevate your home screen with over 90 high-quality app icons in each theme set, ensuring all your favorite apps are covered. Enjoy the best home screen experience with these high-resolution icons.


Explore a vast selection of widgets, from hundreds of styles and sizes to over 50 customizable options for your unique touch. Choose templates, edit to your preference, and seamlessly integrate widgets into themes for a polished look. Enjoy interactive and vinyl-inspired widgets, including Photo, Calendar, Clock, and more, plus exclusive themes for a transformed device interface.

Lock Screen

Unlock a world of possibilities with 50+ Lock Screen widgets in various sizes and styles, and an additional 50+ customizable options to create your widget masterpiece. Choose from templates and personalize your Lock Screen effortlessly. Discover 30+ wallpapers and themes to revamp your device’s look. Add an adorable pet widget or GIF widgets with ease. Our Lock Screen widgets include essentials like Photo, Calendar, Weather, and more to enhance your experience.

Pet Widgets

Discover the charm of our pet widget, available for both your Home Screen and Lock Screen. Choose from eight delightful pets, including Dog 🐶, Cat 🐱, Turtle 🐢, Pig 🐷, Frog 🐸, Duck 🦆, Wolf 🐺, and Bear 🐻! Care for your pet through feeding and play, and explore a range of fun accessories. These animated pets with unique expressions can even be found on your Lock Screen, Dynamic Island, and Live Notifications for an endearing touch to your device.


Explore an array of creative possibilities with over 50 launcher themes and widgets at your fingertips. Our collection includes app launchers and stylish photo frame widgets, along with social media launchers for a personalized experience. Unleash your imagination and discover unique home screen layouts, making customization a fun and delightful journey.


Browse through a vast selection of hundreds of wallpapers that perfectly complement any theme you choose. Customize your wallpapers with ease using over 30 templates, allowing you to craft your unique designs. Personalize your wallpapers further by adding your name and initials for a truly bespoke touch.

Mac Themes

Access an extensive resource library, including 500 Folder Covers and Icons in coordinated themes, 100 fitting minimalist wallpapers for various devices, and 100 desktop calendar themes covering all of 2023. Additionally, enjoy 50 desktop wallpaper organizers for seamless MacBook and iMac use without cropping, along with 50 diverse color themes and a set of 52 alphabet letters for folder covers.

iPad Customizations

Enjoy full access to iOS and iPhone customisations on your iPad, tailored for a seamless and exceptional experience. Elevate your iPad with specially designed widgets, including Extra Large options, to enhance your interface. Experience the best of both worlds with comprehensive customization options designed for your iPad.

Exclusive Content

Access high-resolution assets tailored for Apple devices, boasting quality graphics and unique, professionally crafted designs you won’t find elsewhere. Explore popular widget styles, themes, and wallpapers in our exclusive collection. Effortlessly transform your Apple devices with quick, easy installations in just minutes.

Updates & More

Unlock a world of customization with themes, widgets, and wallpapers for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Enjoy comprehensive Mac and MacBook themes, encompassing app icons, folders, wallpapers, and calendars. Benefit from free upgrades and access to exclusive content, including the latest releases and seasonal themes.

Customer Service

Connect with our ScreenKit Team through direct email support, ensuring your queries are addressed promptly. Access an array of tutorial videos and content to assist you with all your needs. Plus, benefit from personalized 1:1 communication with our support experts for tailored assistance.