Are you ready for an exciting second half of 2021? You better prepare yourself because the best is yet to come! Check out everything you need to know about the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 21) in this article. Plus, we’ll talk about customizing widgets for iPad and iPhone homescreen and lock screen post iOS 15.

On June 7-11, Apple will hold its annual WWDC 2021 via a virtual set-up. It will be a free-access event for developers who wish to gain insights into iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. This is a good opportunity to discover the latest tools and technologies in building mobile applications and games. Excited? Brace yourself because there’s more! 😍😍😍

While the event alone is thrilling, it doesn’t stop there. iOS 15 will be released at the same event. The most anticipated iOS version is expected to break the boundaries with outstanding features and updates. 😃 

Apple has been reinventing state-of-the-art devices by providing tools and technologies essential for everyday functioning. And what’s the best thing here? The user has the freedom to customize widgets and homescreens that will match their style.

Codename: Sky 👆💪👏

iOS 15 will be the biggest software update with major enhancements in the notification system, privacy options, and lock screen customization. The iOS updates are expected to enable users to move around their preferences. 

As a user, you will have the best time of your life to customize everything on your homescreen. You will have the freedom to personalize your commonly used widgets. The iOS update will improve your user experience! Apple got it right in calling this software update Codename: Sky as it breaks the barriers. 

Looking Back Before Moving Forward 🧐😎

Apple released the iOS 14 last year and everyone had mixed reactions to it. Some users are very much positive about it while others are not impressed. As other users imply, the features involving user experience could have done better. 

 The accessibility and convenience of the iOS 14 did not keep up with the standards Apple has been holding for the previous iOS updates. With iPadOS 14, the widgets can only be placed on the sidebar of the homescreen even though there is enough space available. This is a major turn-off from the user’s perspective with all the complexities they have to go through. 

 Now that Apple is launching iOS 15, it is expected to fix the complications of the previous updates. Additional features are great but the user experience should always be the top priority. 

 You’re probably on the edge of your seat, aren’t you? Let’s list down what we’re looking for? Deal? Let’s get this started!

 Incredible Custom Widget Options 😍😍😍

Apple has yet to provide more details regarding the iOS 15 update but many users are expecting a level-up for custom homescreens and widgets. Are you hoping to see interactive ones? You’re not alone!

Custom widgets are important for iOS users. Easy access to applications and options is a must-have. Complications from the user perspective are a major turn-off for the on-the-go yuppies and genzers

Lit Themes and Aesthetics

iOS users are expecting to see remarkable aesthetics and themes from the new iOS updates. Some users are suckers for colors and artistic designs while some are into a minimalist vibe. This much-awaited iOS update is expected to provide styles that different users love. 😍

Accessible Widgets for iPadOS 15 👏👏👏

Widgets in the previous version of iPadOS are a bit disappointing. Due to difficulties in using the homescreen widgets and app library, iPadOS 14 was a turn-off for some of its users. Again, convenience should be the top priority. 

Now that Apple is set to release iOS 15, users are expecting to address this weak point.

iOS updates are exciting and ScreenKit is with you to pave the way for the next chapter. ScreenKit is an app icon changer that lets you personalize your iOS device. It gives you infinite customization tools and thousands of aesthetic themes to choose from. 

 Here’s a quick guide in setting up ScreenKit’s widgets to your iOS 15 homescreen.

  1. You just have to long press and hold firm the empty space firmly until the apps jiggle. 

 2. Then, tap the Plus button located at the top left corner of your homescreen.

 3. Tap Search and choose the ScreenKit app from the list of widgets.

 4. You have the option to choose either a small widget or a medium-sized one. Then tap the Add Widget button.

 5. Tap on the added Widget.

 6. Tap on Choose.

 7. Select your preferred Widget style. This will replace the pre-set empty widget display on your homescreen. You will notice ScreenKit’s widgets are listed down nicely and classified by theme. This lets you add a widget that fits your style.

 8. Then, you just need to tap anywhere on your screen to close the widget option menu.

 9. Voila! There you go! You can now enjoy aesthetic widgets on your homescreen!

 Repeat these steps to install multiple widgets and you are good to go. 

Thrilled for the upcoming iOS 15 update? So are we! WWDC 2021 is just around the corner and everyone is looking forward to this event. Amazing features and upgrades will surprise you!. You can rely on ScreenKit to jump-start for exciting aesthetics and updates you’ve been looking for. 

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