The day we all celebrate love is right around the corner, and if you have not yet heard, the best way to be ready for Valentine’s Day is by changing your iPhone home screen apps and widgets. Getting your iPhone apps changed is just part of showing how much LOVE means to you!

When we think of Valentine’s Day, we often think that it is a day for us to buy chocolates, romantic gifts and send roses. But Valentine’s Day should be more than that. It is a day we get to truly express and celebrate the meaningful people in our lives. It is about giving and showing our loved ones and the ones that care for us, that we appreciate them.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we are bringing you some of our best iOS 14 app icon themes for the special day.  We have created different themes inspired by the colors of LOVE! These include different shades and gradients of pink and red. Each app icon is designed to express LOVE in the most creative and beautiful ways. There are so many choices and endless possibilities for designing your home screen. We are sure you will find your match!

With love in mind, we have created matching app icons and widgets that we are almost sure you will fall in love with! Let ScreenKit play matchmaker and help you set up your iPhone home screen with the most cutest app icons, widgets and stylish Valentine’s wallpaper designs.

Our kits include over 300 app icons, plus over 15 widget designs – all for this special day! We guarantee that once you have our Valentine theme installed you will find love!❤️

If you’re ready for to turn your iPhone into the most beautiful thing you have ever seen, you should definitely give the ScreenKit app a try. With over 500 themes to choose from, we have almost every app icon aesthetic you could ever imagine.

Explore the endless amount of themes and aesthetics with ScreenKit to fully enhance your home screen experience.

✔️Over 5000 app icons available in 500 different styles.
✔️Over 200 widget designs in small and medium sizes!
✔️ BONUS themes and app icons are all included.
✔️500+ stylish wallpaper designs for your iPhone.
✔️Easy Installation with no Shortcuts app required.

You will also find a step by step guide to install all themes with visual aids to help you install your apps. If you have any custom app icon requests, please feel to email us and we would love to create them for you!

Did you know, ScreenKit is the #1 iOS 14 Design & Graphics app found on the Apple App Store today.

The app comes with over 500 different themes and styles to jazz your gadgets up.

Make a stack of personalized widgets, icons, and themes with over 5000 design elements to choose from – without using Apple’s Shortcuts app.

ScreenKit’s 1-click special theme installer is also a time-saver, installing your chosen look at a fraction of the time it would typically take.

Download ScreenKit today, it is free to use with regular weekly updates for you to enjoy.