“Now, where do I start?”

If you’re asking yourself this question after downloading Apple’s latest iOS update, you’re not alone. 

We’ve all been given the freedom to customize our home screen for the first time and yes it is awesome, but can be overwhelming!

One design direction to consider is the Pastel aesthetic; one of the most popular and commonly used colour combos in recent years. 

It’s no surprise that it’s been used countless times in many ways, from wedding themes to internet trends, and even marketing strategies. 

Pastel colours are essentially any colour mixed with just the right amount of white to make the shade paler and softer than the original. 

These new, lighter shades lend a breathable and airy quality about it, causing many to describe this aesthetic as “dainty” and “cute.” 

Pastels also have the forever reputation of being more feminine than masculine, given the softer shades of its colours. 

Although the pastel colours themselves make up most of the aesthetic, there are a few other elements that revolve around the theme. 

Nostalgia is a big part of the pastel aesthetic, reminding us of our childhood – since kids are almost always in pastel. 

Other commonly pastel-theme associations include fairy tales, playing dress-up, and of course, desserts, pastries, ice-cream and other sugary treats. 

(Hello cotton candy pink and bubble-gum baby blue!)

And of course, nothing triggers that “awwwwww so cute” reaction than when we see cakes with pastel coloured frosting, adorned with beautiful and intricate designs.  

A pastel theme for your iPhone is the perfect match if your style is more bubbly, light, and laid – back.  

The delicate shades are extremely gentle and pleasing to the eyes, making us relax and calm down almost immediately when we see these mellow colours. 

The versatility of this theme is another one of its key characteristics. 

The Pastel aesthetic can seamlessly adapt and incorporate different elements, changing to match your emotions every single time. 

These variations include making a mature and minimalistic version of the theme, so the pastels are kept to earthier tones. 

Or go for the full-on mid-20th century vintage pastel explosion, for those who want the nostalgic vibes they feel inside to reflect on their gadget.

Be careful, though! 

Too much pastel can easily look washed out if not paired with the right elements to match.

What is great about ScreenKit is that you can are free to experiment, not just with widgets, and different themes but also with contrasting colours. 

Try choosing one or two loud colours as the anchor to your overall look, or its hero/statement piece. 

Use this colour to highlight dull areas and accentuate how soft, calming yet attention-grabbing the pastel colours truly are overall.

Your finished product could look anywhere between ethereal, dainty, and even bold and strong. 

It all depends on how you decide to build and use the pastel theme to suit your specific style. 

So go and let your creative side loose with ScreenKit – an app so versatile that you’ll have access to over 5000 design elements to choose from so you can customize the 100+ themes available to match your own design aesthetic. 

If you don’t like what you came up with? No worries! Start again!  ScreenKit’s 1-click special theme installer lets you install your final look quickly, saving you time. 

Download ScreenKit today. It is free to use with regular weekly updates for you to enjoy. Just head on over the App Store and start customizing your home screen today.