The Pink, Blue, Purple & Yellow aesthetic sounds like a pastel explosion of happy and cheerful colours. Yet for some, this aesthetic may seem overused, kitschy and even unimaginative. What’s the big deal about a set of standard, overused colours? Won’t they make your phone look flat and like your little sister dumped a bowl of marshmallows on them?

Well, why not?! 

Marshmallows are yum!! And in reality, plain colours are a great starting point for you to explore related themes and interchangeable aesthetics to match your creativity.

The possible combinations and aesthetics that you can create with these four colours are virtually endless. You can play around with their different tones, shades, hues, and images! 

Individually, each colour already possesses different qualities and emotions, so combining them will create countless looks and aesthetics. And ProTip: there is no one “correct” way to view colour. So no worries, if you’re feeling a smidge, intimidated, here are some ways to get you started with customizing your iPhone with colour as your design foundation.

Let’s start with Pink, traditionally viewed as a feminine colour. The softer pastel pinks are bubbly and innocent, commonly linked with love, affection, compassion, and romance.

Brighter pinks, on the other hand, bring #MeanGirl trope vibes. It’s bold, charismatic, and always make a statement. Just a glance and it practically screams “You can’t sit with us”. It’s perfect for achieving that late 90s / early 00s – y2k fashion – rich girl vibes.

Commonly paired with pink is purple. However, purple is a deep and rich colour associated with royalty and wealth compared to the former. It is soothing yet mysterious, and adding this to your palette brings an immediate luxuriousness to your phone. 

Next, we have Blue and Yellow – or colours considered more masculine.

Blue is calming. It is the crashing waves against the shore, inviting you to swim, and it’s the summer sky where birds fly free. Blue also boosts your productivity, helping you focus, so including this to your home screen mix will help you unwind and keep your head distraction-free. 

Finally, there is yellow. Although it’s the exact opposite of blue, together, they make the perfect match. Yellow is both the colour of the hot sun in the sky as it radiates warmth and energy and the lemonade you drink to cool yourself off – in other words, it’s both refreshing and invigorating. 

Our eyes are naturally drawn to its brightness and intensity, which is why adding this theme will grab your attention, and once you pull away, you leave feeling energetic and ready to take on your day.

These design cues are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can do to your homepage. Each colour can highlight your emotions, inspire your actions, and showcase your creativity once you start putting them together in whatever way it fits you. 

Again, it’s your personal preference, so we encourage you to experiment and play around with the Pink, Blue, Purple & Yellow theme with ScreenKit.

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