Home screen customizations is one exciting new feature that iOS users are embracing with the release of iOS 14. The all-new personalization abilities to add custom widgets and design your app icons is just one of the compelling reasons why users are updating their iPhone to iOS14. With its growing popularly, there has been a widespread trend of iPhone owners showing their #ios14homescreen in different styles, layouts and aesthetics. 

This trend has further been witnessed on the App Store with a growing number of apps allowing users to easily change their app icons and choose from pop culture phenomena themes, aesthetics like monochrome, neon and much more to visually beautify the standard iOS theme. 

One app that has been leading this trend and in fact is the number 1 app in Graphics and Design is ScreenKit. The app boasted over 500,000 downloads in its first month and has been adding new themes and widgets every week 😍.

In this article, we’ll learn more on how you can use ScreenKit to make your home screen look aesthetic AF and hotter than eveeeer! 🔥🔥🔥 

Taking Advantage of Custom App Icons ☝️

As much as we all desire custom app icons, the process is time-consuming and work intensive. The standard way of adding custom app icons relies on you using Apple’s Shortcuts app. The developers behind the ScreenKit app have created a new method that makes adding custom app icons in just two easy steps rather than following an 8 step process that Apple offers. This way you can focus on the fun part while the app does the rest of the work. Inside the ScreenKit app, it will collect all your apps on your phone and match it to the theme style you selected. This is truly remarkable and makes the experience easy for everyone to enjoy regardless of how tech savvy you are. 

This week, the ScreenKit app launched a new feature called “Remix Theme” which essentially allows you to take any existing style and remix the app icons colors, icon background and even make your own wallpaper. This app offers unlimited possibilities and makes customization at the ease of your fingertips. We must say, it delivers on its promise in making your iPhone home screen aesthetic AF!

Taking Advantage of Widgets 🤗

Widgets are an exciting new way to view delightful, relevant and useful information from your favorite apps without necessarily opening up the main iOS app. They are essentially an extension that you can choose to display on your iPhone.

Apple provides great widgets but it also allows users to install third party widgets available in the App Store like photo, music, weather, battery, bible etc. The ability to add custom widgets and style your own widgets has captured iPhone users all around the world. iOS developers have already reacted to user demands by launching various widget offerings to fulfil user’s desires. 

What’s the Latest? 🤔

We are all in for a treat! With the Christmas season nearing, the ScreenKit application is releasing various Christmas Countdown Widget and Holiday based Widgets. Simply choose the aesthetic of your choice and add the widgets to your screen in your preferred layout. Here’s a sneak peak of the Christmas Widgets you will find in the next update of the ScreenKit app (available mid-November 2020). 

With ScreenKit’s widgets, you now have the magic to customize default widgets. Imagine having quick-access functionality matched with personalized widget designs, how cool is that?? 😝

Aside from tons of aesthetic themes and app icons, get early access to fresh new widgets that will surely add some spice to your home screen!

Make sure to stay tuned to get the latest updates on this brand new offer.

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