Throughout the years, we have seen numerous changes and developments from the products of the tech giant Apple. We have seen how the first iPhone and iPad evolve with our own eyes, and change appears constant and consistent in this tech behemoth. Indeed, Apple is yet again launching their newest software update for this year, the iOS 15. The new operating system will be announced at the WWDC 2021 in early summer, while the final version will be released around September of this year. That said, how does the system differ from its predecessors? 

What is iOS 15? 🤔

The iOS 15 is the company’s mobile operating system for 2021. While there are no official announcements as to what features this new Apple OS will be sporting, a report from Bloomberg claims that this update will introduce more notification controls, widgets for the iPad’s home screen, and an updated privacy menu. ✔️✔️✔️

The expanded privacy and notification settings take the cake as the most notable parts of this update, especially since it puts more control of the device in the hands of its users. As it is, however, the report remains unconfirmed and what information we have at the moment is nothing more than a rumor. Nonetheless, these rumored new features keep many Apple users on their toes, and there likely is more in store for them given the trends set up by the previous iOS updates.

Although the final version has not been out yet, a leaked report showed a list of Apple devices that will support the iOS 15, as well as those that will not be able to support this new mobile operating system.

Devices that will be supported by iOS 15

That being said, iOS 15 and iPad OS 15 are likely to support other devices that were not mentioned in the above list. What we can easily infer from this list, though, is that this new iOS update will only be able to support the iPhone 7 and every other device that comes after it. It is also presumed that both operating systems will continue to share a core codebase so we can expect a simultaneous release of future updates and bug fixes across the iPad and iPhone with minimal complications. ⭐⭐⭐

That being said, the iOS 15 is expected to support the following mobile devices:


The iPadOS 15 will also support the following iPads:

The iPhone 13 series, which is going to be launched in the near future, is expected to roll out with iOS 15 as its default operating system. 

Devices that will not be supported by iOS 15 ☝️

This report indicates that devices with the A9 chip are not going to be able to support the iOS 15, which authenticates the rumor circulated before about its compatibility. According to this source, three iPhone sets will lose their compatibility with the new operating system, namely the following:

Aside from these three iPhone models, the following iPads are also said to lose support from the iOS 15:

While these older devices are very unlikely to get the iOS 15 update, there is a hint in the recent iOS 14.5 update that these will still get security updates that pretty much any Apple device needs. The 14.5 update introduced a feature that lets users opt for either regular updates or security updates, so it is not so much of a stretch to assume that the security features — at the very least — of devices that will not receive the iOS 15 update will be kept up-to-date for the foreseeable future. 

Rumored and expected features 😍😍😍

Again, there are no official details on the iOS 15, but there are plenty of rumors on its upcoming features. Here is a quick list from the Bloomberg report that we have mentioned earlier in this piece:

We are still weeks away from WWDC 2021 yet more and more purported leaks and rumors about iOS 15 are coming to the surface. These rumored new features seem exciting enough, but be sure to temper your expectations while there are no official announcements that would confirm any of these.

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In our next blog, we’ll talk about widgets for iOS 15 and how you can customize them for your iPad and iPhone Homescreen and Lockscreen.

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