How is your experience with iOS 14? Are you able to customize your home screen? Are you having fun with the widgets? Well, if you acquired your iPhone’s recent feature with iOS 14, then we are certain that you know how exciting this year would be. Yup! Apple is on the verge of making a new craze with an approaching update: the iOS 15. 👌👌

Apple has been one of the most anticipated brands in recent decades. No wonder, their upgrade features can snap the reactions of worldwide users. The updates of Apple are beyond your mirror selfie. It is not limited to ‘instragrammable’ photos for aesthetic and external purposes only. This technology software has a lot to offer, and it is perpetually soaring high! 

Have you heard about iOS 15? Let us take a look at what Apple can boast this time! 🤔🤔🤔

📆 When iOS 15 is coming out: “Glow and Behold” 

We can feel your excitement, mate. Hold up, iOS 15 will be announced at the virtual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2021 this fall with the theme “Glow and Behold”. There are two dates that we should keep in mind to stay updated on what the approaching feature can give us. First, June 7-11, 2021, is bound to set forth for the developer’s iOS 15 beta version during the WWDC 2021. Second, others suspect that the final release would be in September 2021, given the pattern from the iOS 14 publication date. 

🔮 So, what are the ‘glow’ predictions for iOS 15? 

iOS 14’s customization widgets for home screens are all over the internet. Vloggers, tutorials, and even aesthetic icon packs such as Screen Kit have risen to maximize and fix the iOS 14 complications in terms of personalization. Such complications are expected to upgrade in the advancement of iOS 15. Listed below are predictions that users are aiming to be actualized for a better satisfactory experience: 

These predictions are all gathered—special thanks to user reviews. Of course, these predictions do not guarantee the actual release. Apple has so many things on its plate, but who knows? 

👂 ‘Behold’! There are more rumors to anticipate

Along with the anticipating dates that are listed in the first section, the public eyes are also picking out the launch of the iPhone 13 during WWDC 2021. Apple loves surprises—and the current pandemic cannot stop it. The next generation of Mac’s operating system—macOS 12,  will also be unveiled. Confidently, Apple is setting the bar so high with its prominent present-day devices and software such as tvOS 15, iPadOS 15, and watchOS 8. 

In line with iOS rumors, this year’s WWDC has a Memoji that is giving so much clue about the ultra-modern M1 chip. This chip is the backbone of iPad and Macbook Pro which ensures high-functioning capacities. Hmm. . . the Memoji’s hints for this year’s upgrades are making the tech-geeks foretell: could it be that Apple has new products?

Another rumor that users are watching for is the brand new OS for the Apple watch. In the health crisis that we are facing today, Apple’s fierce upgrades might bring mental health features to come to life! As of the moment, we cannot answer these rumors. Nonetheless, we cannot stop ourselves to hope for a better MacBook Pro and competitive iOS, can we? 

💖 Possible new customization and interaction widgets

While the iOS 14 update made the internet hype, we cannot exclude the fact that this version of an operating system can still improve. iPhone users have so much in their pocket to tell due to restricted display widgets—aesthetic yet not interactive enough. You’ve probably experienced these kinds of complications, mate! 

We want to help you out. We have narrowed down the possible interactive and customization widgets just for you. These potentialities will create comfort in your midrange satisfaction from the recent update:

The approaching iOS 15 and its ‘Glow and Behold’ are giving us a nostalgic assurance. Also, iOS 15 is considered a major upgrade of the decade—and we are hoping that it is more than what it is. In this case, Apple can guarantee that its new iPhone operating system can compete with Android’s continuous flexibility. Nonetheless, Screen Kit is here to help your aesthetic ideals once iOS 15 was launched! ✨✨

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