The home screen is probably one of the most notable elements of your phone, that’s why we always want it to look cool and elegant. Yet, the biggest dilemma is that you just cannot find the “right” wallpaper for it. For you, some of these wallpapers available online are too tacky and others are common. You might feel somehow it lacks the vibe, the aesthetics are somewhat absent and you just can’t get enough with the usual and even bland themes and wallpapers. You know what it lacks but you are keen to look for the right fit, so scour no more and give the monochromatic theme a try! 👌



Undeniably, hues and pigments bring vibrancy and flavor to photos and films which provides you the taste of what is what. True, we can immediately figure objects if colors are present. But, have you ever wondered why black and white will always give you that unique sensation and even brings you a different perception? 

The absence of color does not signify the emptiness or even does not highlight the insufficiency of the beauty in the photo but it gives you the extensive taste of class, boldness, and even extreme emotion. It embodies an overflowing aestheticism on its sleek and monochromatic lines giving life to its soft and strong shadows which practically put in drama and distinctive feel to your iPhone wallpaper. Thus, why choose black and white wallpaper much less of a black and white theme? Though it may seem unlikely especially with a handful of good wallpapers available online, still, you will aim for ‘a beauty beyond thousand colors’. No matter how colorful and full of vibrance a photo is, you’ll probably still choose aesthetic, that’s why we always vouch for silhouettes, don’t we? 🥰

Black and white’s combination draws out a lot of profound impressions. These two colors can carry out striking and never-changing tasteful style which only a few can relate with. If your personality is bold, stark, loves to be direct, and does not dwell too much, how about you consider the simple yet classy, black and white theme? It is a perfect theme for people who exude a strong and distinctive personality, individuals who don’t need too many frills to focus on, and those who prefer simple yet delving towards profoundness. 

ScreenKit offers the new age aesthetics through its most recent feature in line with the latest update on IOS14. With your iPhones or iPads, you must be aware and tremendously curious, and too excited to try on the latest update, which is customization! This might be one of the firsts for iPhone and tablet history where customization features are added. With this new feature, it’ll put you on the right track to give it a go! ScreenKit has numerous design themes to click on, you must be under the impression of which is which. Wanting to try all these cool aesthetic options, creating a cohesive theme, and even adamant in making your aesthetic can be perhaps a taxing and intuitive task. To save you from the hassle and more serious inward battle, how about we offer you the look for the “perfect one”. ⭐⭐⭐

All you need to do is to follow these steps to have your desired wallpaper:

  1. Before everything else, you need to download the ScreenKit app on your phone.
  2. Choose the wallpaper you want, download, and save it on your iPhone’s Photos app.
  3. Next is, open your phone Settings and go to Wallpaper.
  4. Once you’re done, you need to select the New Wallpaper option.
  5. Find the album or folder where you’ve saved the design from ScreenKit.
  6. Lastly, pick the image you want to use as your Wallpaper, then press the Set option and choose Set Home Screen.
  7. Viola! You’re all set. You can go back to your home screen and see what you’ve just personalized. 

Achieving the one or we should say the perfect fit creators and designers will opt best to go back to basic. You should go back with the basic colors, lines, and shapes and create your own unique, gorgeous, and tasteful style. Hence, ScreenKit™’s Black and White Theme might be a wise choice for you. This theme comes with an artistic design of a classic and authentic mix of black and white colors which were used over eons and have been patronized in painting, photography, and films. 

The monochromatic colors embody a minimalistic and even straightforward sense that prevents loud colors to disrupt. This combination of colors if put together gives a stronghold of immense beauty and art. Truth to be told, white and black are royalties amongst other colors for it signifies untold beauty and strong independent emotion that all colors combined could never tantamount with. Thus, if you are as busy as everyone else is in the world, who loves sophistication then you should give ScreenKit™’s Black and White theme a try. Guaranteed, it will be an easy maneuver between the apps and icons, plus you can also enjoy the different styles in the feature making your home screen lively and elegant. 😍😍😍

Nonetheless, there are plenty of advantages that are included in this theme, not only do you get to enjoy timeless art for your wallpaper but also it helps you to focus on the apps on your home screen. The colors black and white can highlight the bold lines of the icons which aid users to navigate them easily. Somehow this theme makes the absence of colors draw you to easily locate the things which are immediately needed, it keeps you on track and makes sure you are less distracted.

ScreenKit’s Black and White Theme includes the wallpapers, widgets, and icons that manifest the beauty beyond thousands of hues and pigments combined. With this, it will surely bring your home screen to a new level of appreciation making your iPhone and iPad’s home screen look more elevated, polished, and sophisticated. 👌

With the latest update of IOS 14, it is a must be experienced to try the newest Black and White theme. What more do you need? The elegance and uniqueness with the minimalistic vibe of monochrome is a must! So, grab and download this theme now. You too can successfully customize your smartphone with the ScreenKit app and give your home screen the aesthetic it needs. With this app, you can do more, create more, and have fun discovering new and go beyond the aesthetics of colors!

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