What is your main goal in acquiring your device? A flawless, cool iPad theme to ignite your experience as a hardcore user? Well, Apple does not offer unlimited customization options even with iOS 14. As a user, you will have to ‘gladly’ exhaust yourself to enjoy your preferred iOS styles. 

No worries, mate. You can absolutely ace your goal—without the irony of exhaustion—in just a span of minutes. There are options that you can try to reach your dreams and enjoy that chicky, astrology aesthetic. One of which is downloading as many images as you like from Pinterest; setting your collected photos as your theme. However, it will seem like you are overspending your time, are you? 👀

Hey, own your aesthetic goals by not tiring yourself like that! 🤦 Yup, you can flaunt your Apple phone theme as a pack. In other words, you do not have to come in and out of your plain theme and go to photo apps. You do not even have to suffer from low-quality photos once you crop them for your icons. That’s the best of the best support ScreenKit has to offer!

How do you change your screen theme, then? How can you achieve your minimalist app icons to express your adult side? Grunge wallpapers for your baddie side? How about satisfying photo, clock, or calendar widgets—without excluding the adventure of your device’s capacities? 🤔


Upgrade 💇 To bring the best potential in life, we have to upgrade ourselves. This is similar if you have not updated your iPhone 11 yet. Never ever forget to update into iOS 14 to maximize your phone’s fullest potential! Let yourself indulge with beautiful and colorful themes for iPhone 11. To update, go to ‘Settings’, click ‘General Settings’, and select ‘Software update’. Download and install it, and you’re now on the go. 

What’s your style? 🎨 If you want to change your default iPhone theme, plan your palette. What background theme would you like to consider this time? Is it something related to your favorite color? ScreenKit is here to catch your plan in mind. It is a variety of iOS icons that has 500+ themes where you can choose from. Check your ‘Apple Store’ to download this iPhone themes app and start enjoying it!

Set-up 🔧Once you have installed ScreenKit, you are welcome to explore it through opening the application. So name your theme in mind and bring it on actual! Spot the best style your eyes have been aiming for. Do not hesitate to explore its icon and wallpaper packs under your desired theme! 

No need to use Shortcuts by Apple, Easily Change App Icons using Easy Installer for Aesthetic and Cute App Icons & Widgets

Choose your wallpaper 🏩 Simply open your ScreenKit and spot your desired iPhone theme wallpaper. Savor its style by downloading it on your photo album. Open your ‘Setting’ application and select the ‘Wallpaper’ button. Spot the ‘choose a new wallpaper’ option at the top of your screen. You will be redirected on your photo album. Select which photo best matches your theme and set it as your new home screen wallpaper. One down, few more steps to go! 

Change your icons 🌈 Let us take things easy by doing simple but worthwhile things. Select your ScreenKit iOS app icon and navigate your chosen theme (yup, where your current wallpaper came from!) Click ‘Easy Install’ at the bottom part of your screen. In this part, choose your app icons which you would like to install. Press the ‘Change App Icon’ button. At this time, you can name your selected icon whatever you like. Click ‘Change App Icon’ again and you will be redirected to Safari. Click the ‘share’ option at the bottom of your browser page. For the last time, select ‘Change App Icon’, and viola. You are one step closer to your dream iPhone theme!

No need to use Shortcuts by Apple, Easily Change App Icons using Easy Installer for Aesthetic and Cute App Icons & Widgets

Select widgets 💡 The fun is not yet over, buddy! To ace that aesthetic home screen theme, add some widgets and change its color. This is to extend the aesthetic display on your home screen and help you remember the exact date of your birthday (Kidding!). Own your iPhone themes by customizing your widgets! 

Do you prefer a white color widget under your black and white theme? No one is blocking you to do so! Start by doing our magic formula: press and hold the blank space on your screen. Wait for the icons to jiggle. Do not forget to tap the add button icon and select our ScreenKit widget at the moment. Be more eager as you select which size do you prefer, then click ‘Add Widget’. Welp—that will be the default color! To change it, repeat the former steps and select your ScreenKit widget. Tap ‘choose’ beside the ‘style’ bar, and select which specific widget would you like to choose from various themes. There you go! You are now ready to exhibit your widgets with your aesthetic wallpapers and app icons! 🤳

No need to use Shortcuts by Apple, Easily Change App Icons using Easy Installer for Aesthetic and Cute App Icons & Widgets

As you see, iPhone themes can be frustrating to match. It is more excruciating if you are doing it in manual mode; it is just too much work. Also, you will have to deal with the stress of indecisiveness, poor quality photos, and it will cost your time. 🤗🤗

Even if there are customization hacks that can be found on the internet, we know that it is not satisfying. All of us have to engage with our iPhones and iPads on challenging days. Admit it or not, the visuals of our screen affects our outlook in life—why ignore it? If we are looking for a certain thing that can boost our creativity and productivity, styling our iPhone will cause us no harm. We have our different aesthetic vibes to express whether we are studying, working, or hanging-out. So, why not squeeze that vibrant personality you have into your theme? 😉😉😉

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Do you know that you can make free logos on your iPhone?? Yes, you can! We’ll show you how in our next blog! 👌

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