Okay, if you’re reading this, you probably like Harry Potter. I mean, who doesn’t?

From the time the first book was released, everyone who read wishes for their Hogwarts letter to come via Owl post to shop for wands, robes and schoolbooks at Diagon Alley.

But for some, merely liking Harry Potter is still not the same as fully immersing yourself into the “Cult” of Harry Potter. To do this, and to prove how big a fan you are, you need to figure out which house you belong to and even make like the Sorting Hat and sort your friends depending on their personalities.

So if you are a total Potterhead, why not go all the way, wave the ScreenKit wand and transform your iPhone or iPad home screen into everything Hogwarts!

The entire Harry Potter aesthetic is so much fun because there is so much material to work with plus, your phone will be a total mood and flex since the harry potter fanbase is HUGE – everyone will die of envy. 

You can start simple – with the Four houses of Hogwarts.

Bold and bright red and lions emulate bravery and are perfect for Gryffindors.

Green, cold dungeon stones and serpentine snakes are the right match to Slytherins at heart.

Studious Ravenclaws would love deep blues, combined with books, castles, and stars.

And for the kindhearted and loyal Hufflepuffs, cheerful, sunshine yellow, peppered with pictures of food, friends, and laughter. 

If you’re fully inclusive and can’t tolerate house divisions, customize your home screen and fuse all four houses!  

This way, you don’t have to worry about choosing which one you want (although yes we know – you are probably biased towards your house – and that’s okay too!)

If you’re not much into flaunting your school spirit and don’t want to wave your Hogwarts house flag to whoever sees your phone, you can opt for a more general magical theme look. You can use darker and cool colors, matching the mysterious – yet comforting vibe of Hogwarts castle.

Include images of shimmering lights, sparkles, wands, candles, broomsticks and — even some magical beasts (with ScreenKit, you’ll know where to find them) as your app icons to remind you of the other world you belong to – the hidden one – the Wizarding world.

If you have a favorite character, then go ahead and make your phone theme about them!

Go ahead and let your inner fan person out and use Harry, Hermione and Ron – even Draco as your icons! 

If not, use other images to represent them. 

Harry can be represented by lightning shapes, glasses, and brooms. 

The library or a stack of books will give you a total Hermione vibe. A calm and childlike color palette mixed with peculiar magical items is perfect for Luna Lovegood. 

Even your fave of the seven books can be home screen customization inspiration.

There is so much you can – literally –  work with that you’re sure to find a way to make your phone based on even just the Marauders or students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang too! 

The best part about the Harry Potter aesthetic is that you can choose whatever you like about Hogwarts, Harry, or the story itself. It’s incredibly flexible, and that’s why it’s so magical.

ScreenKit is just as magical, and the #1 choice for making your app icons and widgets look aesthetic AF! 

With over 3 Million and 10,000+ 5 star reviews, you can’t go wrong with this app when customizing your home screen. 

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And before you can even saw Quidditch,  ScreenKit’s 1-click special theme installer will install the new look quickly without having to use Shortcuts by Apple to change your app icons! 

Download ScreenKit today and have fun!