Notice the influx of girls wearing floaty floral dresses, flower crowns, making tea, and walking about the countryside all over social media? If the answer is yes, then you’ve stumbled upon the Cottagecore craze.

Cottage what? If you don’t know what it is, no worries! Here’s a quick rundown on why the internet has embraced this aesthetic wholeheartedly. 

Cottagecore is a trendy aesthetic, influencing fashion trends, lifestyles, and even people’s mindsets. It blew up all over apps like Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram around early 2020 when countries started closing their borders. With everyone suddenly spending twice the usual amount of time on these apps due to quarantines and lockdowns, it’s no wonder it grew so popular. 

If you look at Cottagecore inspired photos, it’s not hard to understand why many are drawn to its warm, comforting, homey, nostalgic aesthetic, especially in these extraordinary times.

Cottagecore revolves around living in harmony with nature, embracing the simplicity and sustainability of living away from the city.  It’s filled with images of the lush green hills, flowy summer dresses and floppy hats, running through a meadow of flowers in the sunshine, and having a picnic underneath the shade of an old tree, with food you cooked at home –– basically, a dream come true. 

One can find the best description for this theme on the r/cottagecore Reddit: “Your grandma, but like, hip.” It is living a simple and quiet life away from the bustling city, where you can enjoy old school pursuits, including gardening, baking, making clothes from scratch and basking in nature and the natural world. Cottagecore embraces a traditional life but doesn’t wholly abandon or reject the current modern and digital world. 

It is closely related to the Fall aesthetic, where everything Autumn – flannel, cozy socks, hot chocolate, falling leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving, layered sweaters, candles, boots and pumpkins reign supreme.  

The Cottagecore palette is predominantly brown, green, yellow, and cream/off-white. These mellow and light tones will soothe your eyes, helping you to feel more at ease when you’ve incorporated this aesthetic into your home screen. 

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