If your iPhone or iPad is currently running on Apple’s latest iOS 14, you will probably be aware of the new widget and app icon update.

For the first time in smartphone (and tablet) history, you can now customize your home screen and get excited as you use your gadget daily. 

However, with so many possible design themes to choose from, don’t be surprised to find yourself struggling with creating a cohesive theme and settling with an aesthetic that captures your unique sense of style right for your iPhone. 

To help you find the “perfect fit” of a theme for you, a great way to start is to go back to basics and choose a colour or two and build from there. 

Consider ScreenKit’s Black and White theme, a true design classic and a reliable combination used for decades in paintings, photography and even film. 

In photos and film, colour adds vibrancy and realism, immediately transporting you to that particular moment visually. 

However, with black and white photos – and its absence of colour – you are immediately taken in by the unique emotion captured on film.

It draws out many impressions – for just two colours!

It is stark, sleek, classic, bold, and potentially full of high emotion, all in one go. 

The black and white aesthetic, besides being striking, consistently captivates and is a timeless combination.  

Its clean and monochromatic lines capture both soft and strong shadows, adding that much-needed dash of drama and emotion to your iPhone Home Screen. 

If you are bold, direct, and a cut to the chase type of person, consider a simple, yet elegant, black and white theme. 

It is the perfect theme for busy people who don’t need extra frills to focus on getting things done.

The black and white aesthetic is also minimalistic and straightforward enough that you won’t get distracted by any loud colours or fluff. 

Easily maneuver between the apps you need on a busy workday, as you enjoy an array of different styles so that your home screen isn’t dull or flat. 

With the black and white theme, the absence of other colours will also draw your eyes to quickly focus on what the object is, which in this case, is the app you need. 

The seemingly harsh contrast between black and white shades adds to how this theme is a definite strong statement piece. 

Combined with the right icons, widgets, and fonts, you can transform your phone and elevate the black and white look into one that is polished and sophisticated.  

Successfully enhance your smartphone usage with ScreenKit and make your home screen aesthetic AF. 

Developed by Twinstar Creatives, it is the #1 iOS 14 customization app on the Apple App Store today, and the only app you’ll need, with over 100 different themes and styles and seeming endless options to amp up your creativity. 

Have fun making a stack of personalized widgets, icons, and themes with over 5000 design elements to choose from – without using Apple’s Shortcuts app.

Install the home screen aesthetic you want with ScreenKit’s 1-click special theme installer at a fraction of the time it would typically take. 

And if you’re still feeling a little unsure with your choice, go back to the app, and start again! The possibilities are endless. 

Download ScreenKit today, it is free to use with regular weekly updates for you to enjoy.