Among Us iPhone Theme & App Icons

So you love games, AND you’ve updated your iPhone, so it now runs on the latest iOS14 update.

If you plan to install a brand new homepage theme, ScreenKit has the perfect aesthetic for you! 

If you’ve been keeping up to date with the latest gaming trends, then you’re probably familiar with the terms “Sus” and “Impostor”.


Our “Among Us” theme is an actual thing! 

You’re probably already loving this game, playing it more than once or twice. 

But if it all sounds alien to you, then no worries, we’ve got you covered. 

You might find something about this aesthetic that sticks with you, or you’ve just found your new favourite game. 

So-what is it? 

Well, “Among Us” is a game that allows you to play with friends or strangers on random servers, and can be easily downloaded using the App Store. 

It gained popularity among the younger generations, specifically Gen – Z, around mid – 2020, which isn’t surprising considering that we’re all trying to find something to do while dealing with quarantine. 

Your character is part of a crew in outer space, and your goal is to complete the tasks assigned to you. Easy right? 

Well, among your supposed crewmates, there can be anywhere from 1-3 impostors whose goal is to sabotage your mission by killing your actual crewmates. 

The catch is, you don’t know who among you and your friends are crewmates, and who is secretly the impostor. 

Now you have to finish your tasks and figure out who the impostor is before it’s too late. Unless of course, YOU are the impostor…

Sounds a little gory and dark considering that it’s mostly children playing the game right? Well, the visuals of the game say otherwise. 

Aside from the game’s suspenseful and exciting premise, another factor that makes it popular is the cartoon-like visuals. 

You can edit your appearance before the game begins, and your options consist of 12 bold neon colours, a bunch of hats, and even pets to accompany your astronaut.

The smooth visuals, flashy colours, and cute animations make it feel like you’re playing in a cartoon. 

If your preferred style is a little more loud and playful, this theme is perfect for you. 

So if you find yourself that pastels might be a bit twee, black and white or neutral-coloured palettes a smidge plain, then a playful, in the now “Among Us” aesthetic might be the right fit for you! 

It’s bright and eye-catching colours paired with the outer space / galactic themed backgrounds or app icons will surely bring out the fun and inner child in you, though it might also attract actual children so beware – they’ll be wanting to explore your phone like ants to cotton candy. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned gamer or have never even played the game (although we do recommend giving it a try), an “Among Us”-themed iPhone may be what you need. 

Lucky for you, ScreenKit has the right tools to let you experiment with the theme. 

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Have fun and Download our ScreenKit app today, and the game too while you’re at it, and give it a go!