Beige and Organic Green’s combination gained popularity over the past year on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. 

Including these colours in your home screen palette will elevate your iPhone. It might not be as stark or “in your face” vs black/white or neon colours, for example, but this simple yet sophisticated combination will be just as eye-catching.

 ”Calming” is one way to describe the Beige & Organic Green aesthetic, similar to the #feels you get when seeing a serene zen garden. After a hectic and unprecedented year like 2020, it’s not surprising that people are drawn to something that puts them at ease.

To some, this theme might seem dull or boring since it’s only two colours – one being Beige – which is sometimes called “Bleige” for bland+beige. But in reality, having two colours is what makes this aesthetic incredibly versatile. Not only do they complement each other on their own, but they could also be used and fused with a handful of different aesthetics, creating endless possibilities. 

There are different variations of this aesthetic that people have made or have yet to make –– all of which elicit various images and feelings.

On Pinterest, it’s common to see this pair as a palette for photos depicting Instagram worthy pics of daily life in Europe.

The Beige/Green aesthetic highlights the laid back yet put together vibes of people-watching outside a Parisien cafe, soaking in history as you walk around a picturesque Italian town, to frolicking about the English countryside. 

Other frequent images include a summer picnic, your lockdown home veggie patch or your puppy enjoying your local park.

You’re much closer to nature in scenes like this, so the greens and browns are deeper and earthier as well. 

The Beige and Organic Green aesthetic is more than just travel pics, though. Because of the softness of these colours when put together, they are regularly used for clean, minimalistic looks, which call back to Nordic design sensibilities and the linear simplicity of traditional Korean and Japanese art, architecture and interior design. Just take a look at Muji, Ikea and Uniqlo! And we’re sure you’ve come across at least one of those incredibly stylish OOTD accounts on Tiktok and Instagram that showcase Beige and Organic Green. 

All these seeming worldwide influences when using this aesthetic are probably another reason it’s such a popular combination. These colours make us feel as if we are entirely out and about, stress-free, enjoying nature, travelling the world in luxury – or just travelling full stop! Which is something that we haven’t been able to do much of this past year. 

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